How to customize the invoice?

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Invoice is Mandatory for selling the products, whenever you get the order an invoice is generated automatically without any kind of manual setup. However, you should have to set some basic details that should be displayed on the invoice it should be configured only once and every time an invoice generated will be automatically configured based on the details you configure.

  1. Log in with your seller account
  2. Go to the seller dashboard page
  3. On the right side, you will see the Menu, click on the settings
  4. Navigate to the Store invoice option
  5. Enter the invoice number prefix and Sufix.
  6. In the Invoice No. Digit enter the value as 6
  7. Enter the GST and Pan card number to display on the invoice
  8. Write down the disclaimer for the customer
  9. To upload a digital signature sign on the white paper and take a picture of it. Upload the signature by clicking on the image of the Digital signature option.
  10. Click on the Save button in the right downside.