Seller can have their own payment gateway on How to configure it ?

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Shopyloot introduced the seller own payment gateway For the fist time in the multi-seller marketplace in India. Thanks to stripe for making this possible. we know that many of sellers might feel afraid about their payments and settlements. Now there is no more fear with all new feature you can set your own payment gateway account where all your funds will be transfered instantly into your payment gateway account. You can check the pricing for the payment gateway from the following link click here. You can register this service for free. Stripe is one of the leading payment gateway provider all over the world. They have a very clear transparent policies.

How to configure from the seller dashboard ?

It is very simple to configure your payment gateway service all you have to do is simply follow the steps shown below and you are done.!

Step 1: Go to Seller Dashboard and find the option settings in the left menu and then navigate to the payments

Step 2: In the preferred payment method select stripe

Step 3: click on connect with stripe you will be redirect to a new page where you have to signup to the stripe account

Step 4: If you are new to stripe Fill out the application by entering all the details required by stripe. if you already have the account click on the sign in option shown at the right top of the page as shown in the Step 3.

Step 5: Enter your login details and you will be asked to enter the security code this the 6 digit code that will be send to your mobile number.

Step 6: After entering the verification code you will have two options click on connect my stripe account.

Step 7: You will be redirected back to the seller dashboard only after if your linking process is success.